Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 9 - 'Don't Ya Love Her When She's Walking Out The Door?'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 9; 'Don't Ya Love Her When She's Walking Out The Door?'


1. 'Nothing But Trouble', Phantogram
2. 'Wild One', Those Darlins
3. 'Scissor Runner', Jenny & Johnny
4. 'Fall Creek Boys Choir', James Blake & Bon Iver
5. 'No Expectations', Soulsavers
6. 'Faith', I Break Horses
7. 'Genesis 3.21.1', The Mountain Goats
8. 'Gone Again', Best Coast
9. 'Where You Stand', Travis
10. 'Hidden Persuaders', Reverend & The Makers
11. '21' Imogen Heap
12. 'Atomica', David Bowie
13. 'I Cut Myself In Two', Black Drawning Chalks
14. 'Kelly', Van She
15. 'All Wash Out', Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeroes
16. 'Ghosts', CANT
17. 'Counting Back To One', The Beautiful Small Machines
18. 'Percussion Gun', The White Rabbits
19. 'I'm a Pilot', Fanfarlo
20. 'Femme Fatale', The Toy Hearts

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