Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 88; 'Remember, Remember...'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 88; 'Remember, Remember...'


1. 'Refuse/Resist', Sepultura
2. 'The March of the Pigs', Nine Inch Nails
3. 'Fight the Power', Public Enemy
4. 'Born Free', M.I.A.
5. 'The Call Up', The Clash
6. 'Declare Independence', Björk
7. 'I Fought the Law', Dead Kennedys
8. 'Man of the Hour', Pearl Jam
9. 'Ouro de Tolo', Raul Seixas
10. 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised', Gill Scott-Heron
11. 'Revolution', Nina Simone
12. 'Get Up Stand Up', Bob Marley & The Wailers
13. 'Bulls on Parade', Rage Against the Machine
14. 'Month of May', Arcade Fire
15. 'The Times They Are A'-Changing', Bob Dylan
16. 'People are Strange', The Doors
17. 'Give Me The Cure', Fugazi
18. 'The Daily Mail', Radiohead
19. 'A Chang Is Gonna Come', Sam Cooke
20. 'Alabama Blues', J.B. Lenoir

(Something is very wrong around here. Everywhere you look at. No sides. No options. And you are the one to blame)

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