Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 96; 'Ninety-Seventy-Seven'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 96; 'Ninety-Seventy-Seven'

01. 'I Feel Good', Al Green
02. 'Here He Comes', Brian Eno
03. 'Sound and Vision', David Bowie
04. 'I Love to Boogie', T-Rex
05. 'Why Oh Why Dub', Horace Andy
06. 'London's Burning', The Clash
07. 'Some Weird Sin', Iggy Pop
08. 'Cretin Hop', The Ramones
09. 'Take It or Leave It', The Runaways
10. 'The Book I Read', Talking Heads
11. 'Bodies', Sex Pistols
12. 'Hit the Road and Go', Johnny Cash
13. 'Lay Down Sally', Eric Clapton
14. 'Good Lovin' Daddy', Mavis Staples
15. 'Celebration Day', Led Zeppelin
16. 'Little Red Rooster', The Rolling Stones
17. 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight', Marianne Faithfull
18. 'Memories', Leonard Cohen
19. 'Little Girl Blue', Nina Simone
20. 'You Gotta Make it Through the World', Van Morrison


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