Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 119; 'Say it Loud!'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 119; 'Say it Loud!'


01. 'I Can't Write Left Handed', Bill Withers
02. 'The Acid Test', Leo Müller
03. 'Beat Box Wash', The Dust Junkies
04. 'One Way Ticket', Helen Reddy
05. 'Stereo Freeze', Jackie Mittoo
06. 'It's Just Begun', The Jimmy  Castor Bunch
07. 'Moonbean Woman', Freak Power
08. 'Signs, The Five Man Electrical Man
09. 'Word Play', The X-Cutioners
10. 'Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree', James Wong & The House Wrackers
11. 'I Need a Dollar', Aloe Blacc
12. 'War', Edwin Starr
13. 'Everybody Needs Love', Mary Wells
14. 'Copy Cat', The Bar-Kays
15. 'Feeling So Good', The Archies
16. 'The Fuzz and da Boog', Fuzz Haskins
17. 'Me and the Biz', Masta Ace
18. 'The Rapper', The Jaggerz
19. 'Tobacco Road', War
20. 'Give It Up', Good Men


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