Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 121; 'Abra Los Ojos'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 121; 'Abra Los Ojos'


01. 'You Belong to Me', Bob Dylan
02. 'Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns', Mother Love Bone
03. 'Under a Milky Way', The Church
04. 'From the Rusholme With Love', Mint Royale
05. 'Can We Still Be Friends?', Todd Rundgren
06. 'Heaven', The Rolling Stones
07. 'Doot Doot', Freur
08. 'Too Young', Phoenix
09. 'I Live With You', Grizzly Bear
10. 'She Was naked', Supersister
11. 'The Wicked Messenger', The Black Keys
12. 'A Well Respected Man', The Kinks
13. 'We're All In Love', New York Dolls
14. 'Gray Goes Black', Mark Lanegan
15. 'Secher,' Abstract Audio System
16. 'My White Devil', Echo & The Bunnymen
17. 'The Baby Screams', The Cure
18. 'Northern Lights', Ian Brown
19. 'My Sweet Lord', Death In Vegas feat. Nina Simone
20. 'Tessellate', Alt-J


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