Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 126; 'The Killing Joke'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 126; 'The Killing Joke' 

A fictional movie soundtrack based on the famous Graphic Novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland


01. 'Release the Bats', The Birthday Party
02. 'Miss Lucifer', Primal Scream
03. 'Past Life', Breakbeat Era
04. 'To Cure a Weakling Child', Aphex Twin
05. 'I'm Still Here', Tom Waits
06. 'I Feel You', Placebo
07. 'Evil', Savages
08. 'Everything You Do Is a Balloon', Boards of Canada
09. 'Caught a Light Sneeze', Tori Amos
10. 'Pluto', Björk
11. 'Out of Control'. The Chemical Brothers feat. Bernard Summer
12. 'No Man's Land', David Holmes
13. 'America Gothic', The Cult
14. 'The Hollow,' A Perfect Circle
15; 'Skin Flowers', The Young Gods
16. 'The Amazing Sounds of Orgy', Radiohead
17. 'Girls Loves Me', David Bowie
18. 'Democracy' (Nine Inch Nails Remix). The Killing Joke
19. 'Famous Blue Raincoat', Leonard Cohen
20. 'Man That You Fear', Marilyn Manson

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