The 50-Song Project # 1 - A Spotify Playlist : 'All Day Long She's Waiting for the Night to Ask Her Out'

The 50-Song Project # 1  - A Spotify Playlist : 'All Day Long She's Waiting for the Night to Ask Her  Out' 

Track list:

01. 'Return of the White Rabbit' Ash

02. 'Same Jeans' The View
03. 'You! Me! Dancing!' Los Campesinos
04. 'Do You Want That?'. OK Go!
05. 'All Kindsa Girls' The Real Kids
06. 'Cemetery Rain' Minks
07. 'Stranger' Dr. Dog
08. 'We Are Kids' Lacrosse
09. 'All You Good Good People' Embrace
10. 'Requiem for O.M.M. 2' Of Montreal
11. 'I'm With You' The Ponys
12. 'Caught in One' Dum Dum Girls
13. 'All Night' The Dodos
14. 'Daydream' Beach Fossils
15. 'Body Buzz' Aloha
16. 'I Dont Know' The Sheepdogs
17. 'Sweet Avenue' Jets to Brazil
18. 'Crawling Out at Walls' Dominant Legs
19. 'Wicked Soul' Kubb
20. 'My Favorite Book' Stars
21. 'Rich Girls' The Virgins
22. 'Round and Round' Ariel Pink
23. 'Photojournalist' Small Black
24. 'Memeo' Delphic
25. 'Gray Death' Xiu Xiu
26. 'Gene Ciampi' Twin Sister
27. 'Blue Moon' Kendal Johansson
28. 'Every Day' Voxtrot
29. 'Spots' Autolux
30. 'Dream About Me' The Depreciation Guild
31. 'I'll Be Yr Bird' M.Ward
32. 'Keep The Lights On' Wave Machines
33. 'Getting Higher' Evan Voytas
34. '5:15 Train' A Sunny Day In Glasgow
35. 'Frank O'Hara Hit' Chelsea Light Moving
36. 'Corriander' Pomegranates
37. 'Forever and Ever Amen' The Drums
38. 'Happiness is Overrated' The Airbone Toxic Event
39. 'Hail Bop' Django Django
40. 'It's OK' Let's Say We Did
41. 'Gone to Earth' Versus
42. 'Me and the Bees' The Softies
43. 'The Battle for Straight Time' AC Newman
44. 'The Boy is on My Side' Anthem In
45. 'Head Straight' Alex Metric
46. 'Night' Zola Jesus
47. 'The End is Near' The Fiery Furnaces
48. 'Don't Haunt This Place' The Rural Alberta
49. "Listen To Me" J. Mascis & The Fog
50. "Unreal Is Here" Chavez


  1. Round and Round. Minha favorita deles. Ouvi diversas vezes. Boa e variada playlist.
    Não conheço alguns nomes, anotarei rsrs


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