The 50-Song Project # 3 : 'One of These Days, I Was Wondering...'

The 50-Song Project # 3 : 'One of These Days, I Was Wondering...'

01. 'Your Past Life as a Blast' Okkervil River
02. 'Ping Pong' Stereolab
03. 'Buena' Morphine
04. 'Little Arithmetics' dEUS
05. 'Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken' Camera Obscura
06. 'Wild One' Those Darlins
07. 'Scissor Runner' Jenny & Johnny
08. 'Goodbye' Best Coast
09. 'Kelly' Van She
10. 'I'm a Pilot' Fanfarlo
11. 'Where You Stand' Travis
12. 'Counting Back To One' The Beautiful Small Machines
13. 'Nothing But Trouble' Phantogram
14. 'Halls Of The Summers' Caspian
15. 'From The Hips' Cursive
16. 'Shiver Up My Vein' The Sunday Reeds
17. 'Big Things' Fiction
18. 'Boy' (RAC Mix) Ra Ra Riot
19. 'Romance' Wild Flag
20. 'Gold and Warm' Bad Veins
21. 'One-Two-Three' The Loves
22. 'Architects & Engineers" Guster
23. 'Chem Trails' No Age
24. 'Blues Not Speed' Mika Miko
25. 'Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here' Still Flyin'
26. 'Sunshine People' Detroit Social Club
27. 'Dance To The Underground' Radio 4
28. 'Where It Ends' Boy In Static
29. 'Catatonic' ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
30. 'Off You' Breeders
31. 'Blue Thunder' Galaxy 500
32. 'Nothing in Rambling' Helvetia
33. 'So Help Me God' David Boone
34. 'Everyday Robots' Damon Albarn
35. 'True Stories' Datarock
36. 'Say It Like You Mean It' Royal Treatment Plant
37. 'I Don't Think So' Dinosaur Jr.
38. 'What' Inside a Girl?' The Cramps
39. 'Cut Myself In Two' Black Drawing Chalks
40. 'Atomica' David Bowie
41. 'Muscle Belt' Bearsuit
42. 'Dreaming of You' The Coral
43. 'No Big Thing' Holly Golightly
44. 'I Want You So Hard' The Eagles of Death Metal
45. 'Let's Go' Summer Cats
46. 'Broken Bones' Fishboy
47. 'Fog Machine' The Fresh & The Onlys
48. 'Into Black' Blouse
49. 'Carry Me' Bombay Bicycle Club
50. 'Love Is To  Die' Warpaint


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