The 50-Song Project # 7 : 'If You Ever Change Your Mind About Leaving All Behind'

The 50-Song Project # 7 : # 7 : 'If You Ever Change Your Mind About Leaving All Behind'

1. 'Lips', Micachu & The Shapes
2. 'The Great Pan Is Dead', Cold Cave
3. 'I and Love and You' The Avett Bros.
4. Starring', Freelance Whales
5. 'Scissor', Liars
6. 'The Harvest', Teen Daze
7. 'Lover's Carvings', Bibio
8. 'Smarts', Sky Larkin
9. 'Percussion Gun', The White Rabbits
10. 'Broken', Sunny Era
11. 'Pop Lie', Okkervil Rver
12. 'The Sea is a Good Place To Think of the Future', Los Campesinos
13. 'I Want You To Know', Dinosaur Jr.
14. 'Cut Me Some Slack', Paul McCartney & Nirvana
15. 'Lost Boys and Girls Club', Dum Dum Girls
16. 'Dimension', Wolfmother
17. 'Patty Lee', Les Savy Fav
18. 'Innocence', Fox and The Law
19. 'Cicatriz', Nação Zumbi
20. 'Heavy Seas of Love', Damon Albarn
21. 'Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up', The Strange Boys
22. 'Brush Brush Brush', Of Montreal
23. 'I Don't Know What I Can Save You From' (Acoustic) Kings of Convenience
24. 'Handgun to My Heart', The Sunday Reeds
25. 'Silver', Detroit Social Club
26. 'Big Infatuation', The Long Blondes
27. 'Ares', Bloc Party
28. 'It's Getting Boring by the Sea', Blood Red Shoes
29. 'Secret Surprise', Joanna Gruesome
30. 'Turn Blue', The Black Keys
31. 'Videotapes', Blouse
32. 'Set In Motion', Yuck
33. 'Lost In The Plot', The Dears
34. 'Free From Desire', Black Drawing Chalks
35. 'Jelly Belly', The Joker's Daughter  
36. 'One Way', The Levellers
37. 'Only Existing Footage', The Extra Lens
38. Oh My God!, Ida Maria
39. 'Tsunami' Violins
40. 'Moody Tower' Intelligence
41. 'Nobody to Love', Josh Homme
42. 'Tip Tapping', Dillon
43. 'Big Mistake', Tim Fite
44. 'Lose You', Peter Yorn
45. 'Baby Shoes', Bad Books
46. 'Waiting', City & Colour
47. 'Heart To Tell', The Love Language
48. 'Her Black Eyes', Little Comets
49. 'Mess Around', Cage the Elephant
50. 'Bronx Cheer', Mercury Rev


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